Friday, 20 January 2012

Snake In The Grass - 20/01/2012

Tonight I shall be watching an amateur play at my local Playhouse

Here is a brief synopsis of the play:

Annabel comes home after the death of her father; his nurse, Alice, alleges he died because Annabel’s sister (Miriam) murdered him. The price of her silence is £100,000 - money they haven’t got. Miriam’s solution is simple; poison Alice and shove her body down the well in the garden, and everything’s back under control; and she does ... but it isn’t .....

In fact that’s just the start of a night of horror .....

Ayckbourn like you’ve never seen him; a ‘chiller’ like you’ve never sat through .... If you can sit through it!

I really enjoy a "whodunnit" so this will hopefully be an enjoyable way to spend my evening.

I will write a review over the weekend.

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