Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Where I Watch

As I have stated in the description I have only recently discovered the world of the Arts.

I have watched films during my life but never really taken an interest. That all changed when a group of online friends started a "film club". We would be given two films a week for us to all watch online, at the same time, then discuss the film afterwards.

This opened my eyes to a whole new world as I was exposed to "golden oldies" foreign film and animation etc. From here my curiosity grew and I took the plunge on a trip to Paris to visit the Opera House and watch my first ever ballet.

I was hooked :-)

As soon as I returned to the UK I started to trawl the internet looking for places to watch live performances & films. I am lucky in where I live (North West England) as Manchester and Liverpool are great places to appreciate the Arts.

My new 2nd home is Cornerhouse. A fantastic find. Here I watch old classic films, view independent art galleries and even have a bite to eat.

Manchester Opera House & The Palace Theatre are two other places I visit for my ballet & shows.

Orchestras are watched at Bridgewater Hall & Preston Guild Hall

I have so far watched a range of Arts but now I have this Blog I will post my preview / review of my outings :-) I hope you enjoy.

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