Thursday, 12 July 2012

Apologies & Catch-up

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I have been so busy recently travelling around watching tennis that my "art & film" hobbies have taken a bit of a back seat.

Fear not though, I have been watching films via Lovefilm and booked myself a few little trips (see my next post).

A selection of films I have watched:

Dr Strangelove - Sellers at his best
The Long Goodbye - Monica & Ross' Dad gives a great performance
The Seventh Seal - Not easy to describe
Last Tango In Paris - Very interesting use of butter
The Sorrow & The Pity - Real documentary of wartime France
Flatliners - Would you?
The Mummy (1932) - This is what happens when you don't do as you are told!
The Crimson Rivers - Good film
Life Is Beautiful - A film of Fatherly love to the limit
Annie Hall - A must-see
Platoon - Hard hitting film
The Apartment - How to get on the right side of the boss
The Odd Couple - How not to share an apartment
Metropolis - A film ahead of its time
Deliverance - Fantastic film that you must watch
Kiki's Delivery Service - A heart warming film for all ages
Jean De Florette & Manon Des Sources - Greed always has a price
Houseboat - What a great way to live
Cape Fear - Bloody hell Gergory, just shoot him already!
Raging Bull - De Niro as a prize fighter
12 Angry Men - Wonderful film
The 400 Blows - Sometimes all they need is a little attention
Fistful Of Dollars - Hello Mr Man With No Name
Copycat - How easy is it to copy a killer
Witness For The Prosecution - Great film with a twist
The Son's Room - Very moving film
Repo Man - Very 80's
Au Revoir Les Enfants - Another very moving film
A Few Dollars More - Clint is back for more action
Days Of Wine & Roses - Epic tale of excess
Dogville - Very strange set
Pom Poko - Don't mess with the racoons
Beyond A Reasonable Doubt - Keep copies of everything

I have also made a few trips to theatre etc.

I went to London in April and paid a visit to The Royal Opera House where I watched 3 short ballets (Polyphonia / Sweet Violets / Carbon Life) I enjoyed the first, the second was pretty decent too, the third was forgetable as well as painful on my eardrums.

Back home in Preston I went to the local Odeon to watch Rigoletto relayed live from the ROH. Excellent opera with great performances from all involved.

I subscribe to a service called SeeFilmFirst and every now and then I receive free offers to concerts or shows. I was offered a ticket to the Opera House in Manchester to watch a Musical called Vampirette. I had nothing better to do on the Saturday afternoon so I went along. What a riot! Great music and songs as well as story (based on the Addams family) They had the whole audience up dancing at the end.

Brass Festival at Bridgewater Hall was a whole day long event I attended. Whilst it was good I had seen a few of the bands before but at least it helped me decide who I like.

La Fille mai Gardee was another show watched at the cinema. This was a very colourful affair with a funny storyline. How they never got tangles up during the Maypole dance I'll never know.

Jools Holland came to Preston in May so I dragged my partner along for a night of live music. Jools and the band did not disappoint playing their jazzy music that had people dancing in their seats.

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