Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My Latest Update

I was lucky enough to be picked as a Games Maker for the Olympic Games so I have been away in London.

Whilst I was there I managed to fit in a few visits to art galleries.

My first trip was to the Courtauld Gallery within Somerset House. - http://www.courtauld.ac.uk/gallery/index.shtml

What a beautiful, intimate gallery this is.  I went on a Friday and it was very quiet, at times I was the only person in the room!  The paintings are gorgeous and I highly recommend that you pay a visit.  Entrance was £6.

The second gallery was at the Royal Academy of Arts.  I went with a friend to see an exhibition from the Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute - http://clarkart.edu/museum/

Again this was a beautiful collection of Impressionist art and whilst it was small, it was perfect enough so that you could study each painting in detail and read the descriptive placard to gain further knowledge.  I enjoyed this so much that I purchased the catalogue.

Unfortunately you was unable to take pictures in the Royal Academy but you could at the Courtauld.  I have a Flickr Pro account where I store all my photos and you can view them here:


You will see photos taken from my stay at the Olympic Village during my time as a Games Maker.

On my final day in London I went on a Thames Boat trip and you can also view photos taken from the boat.

A highlight of my trip was Richmond Park.  I went with a friend hoping to see the wild Deer that live in the grounds.  As you will see from the photos we were very lucky as we saw a group of 3 adult Deer in the fern and they came out into the open so we could see them and take photos.  Later on we found the younger Deer out in the open parkland, sitting about and enjoying the sunshine.

I hope you enjoy :-)

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