Friday, 21 September 2012

Les Misérables - The Musical

 I was having a discussion with a friend this morning, who is very excited about the Christmas release of the movie Les Misérables.  I do believe that this is her favorite show so I decided to have a closer look.

I am going to London again in December so I looked for tickets.  They are certainly not cheap, most are priced at £45 or £65, but I managed to buy an unrestricted £35 ticket on the first row of the Upper Circle.  I know it will not be the best seat in the house and most likely to be high up, but, this will be my first trip to a West End Musical and I did not wish to spend a huge amount of money on something I may not enjoy.

So now I have 3 "arty" events booked for December, 2 ballets at the Royal Opera House and now a Musical in the West End.  I have still enough time to go back to visit the National Gallery so I shall not be booking any further shows etc.

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