Sunday, 9 September 2012

Preston Proms - Jose Carreras & Katherine Jenkins

The evening started with a queue, a long queue that snaked its way between Avenham & Miller Park.  Nevertheless the time past quickly and soon enough we were heading into the fenced off area to find our spot.  The majority of people had brought folding chairs and blankets with them, a few even brought tables.  There was plenty of space and we managed to get right to the front, around 6ft from the stage barrier.  We were situated just to the left of the crowd, near the speakers.

After getting ourselves settled it was time to visit the Portaloo.  I must admit, there were plenty of them and they seemed clean enough.  I knew that a few others from where I work was going to be in the crowd and almost straight away I spotted (and heard) one group.  They in turn pointed out the rest to me.

The concert was due to start at 19.00 and they were, unusually, on time.  I am not going to talk in detail about the songs that were sang as we did not buy a programme, though I do know Katherine started with Halleluiah and also sang "Time To Say Goodbye".  All I really can say it that each and every piece of music played was a delight to hear.  The power of Jose & Katherine's voices to the perfect music from the Manchester Camerata Orchestra, all was a priviledge to witness live.

Time seemed to fly and before we knew it the fireworks were exploding above the stage.  I have taken away with me three new artists to explore, Carreras, Jenkins and Manchester Camerata Chamber Orchestra.  I very much doubt I will ever witness Jose live again but the 2 hours I saw on Friday night was plenty.  Maybe one day I will see Katherine again and I will be sure to keep an eye out for any Tour Dates.  As for the Orchestra, I am going to have a look at their schedule right now.

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  1. I see you captured the reaction of Katherine and the orchestra to Carl Crompton's (Guild Mayor)delight of just giving Katherine a kiss!

    I believe the conductor is a relation of Jose.

    Tour dates of Katherine Jenkins have just been release. She is doing 11 dates including Manchester & Birmingham in december 2012

    1. That's very nice but it would have been even nicer if we had heard some LOCAL Stars like Russell Watson, Alfie Boe, Amanda Roocroft to name just a few.

  2. With hindsight it would have been better to have held the concert on Saturday but that would have clashed with the Torchlight procession. If they had started a little earlier then a few local "warm-up" acts would have been a great addition.