Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Wordsworth Library Collection

A few months back I decided it was time that I read some "classic" novels.  In the same way I have always known who Monet & Renoir are etc, I know the names of Sherlock Holmes and Jane Austin etc but never read their work.

That has now changed, thanks to The Wordsworth Library Collection available on Amazon

I currently have 3 of their books:

Sherlock Holmes
Jane Austen
Hans Christian Anderson

I plan to buy a few more from this collection as they really are beautiful books with lovely illustrations.  The price is also hard to beat for a book of this quality.  The only author not available that I would have liked is Charles Dickens but it is impossible for all his works to be contained in a book of this size.  I have however found the complete works here  As with the Wordsworth Library Collection the price cannot be beat and the books look lovely.  This collection is on my "to buy" list.

I hope you find something good to read. 

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