Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Art Gallery of Ontario

I ventured out to this gallery for the first time a few weeks ago.  I think I have been spoilt by the Art Galleries of the UK, both in terms of quality and price.  Whilst I do not mind paying to see works of art, I do mind to paying $25.  Included in this price was an exhibition of early Renaissance paintings from Florence (no photos due to ban).

All was not lost though, they have a few Impressionist paintings and others that I liked.

Here are a selection of the paintings that I enjoyed.  Apologies for the quality, I had to take them on my iPhone.

 Raoul Dufy – Hyeres Square, the Obelisk and the Bandstand

 Pierre Bonnard – Autumn Landscape

 Pierre Bonnard – Table Laid for Dessert

 Jan Van Goyen – Peasant Cottage

 Alfred Sisley – Saint-Mammes, Grey Weather

Pierre Auguste Renoir – The Seine at Chatou
 Claude Monet – Etretat L’Aiguille and the Porte d’Aval

 Alfred Sisley – Landscape near Moret

Claude Monet – Vetheuil in Summer
 Camille Pissarro – Poplars, Grey Weather, Eragny

Alfred Sisley – View of Marly-le-Roi: Sunlight
Marc Chagall – Over Vitebsk
Hendrick Andriessen – Still Life (Vanitas)
Aelbery Cuyp – View of Dordrecht
Jan Van Goyen – View of Rhenen
 Salomon Van Ruysdael – The Ferry Boat

 Cornelius Krieghoff – Village Scene in Winter

Franklin Carmichael – Cranberry Lake
 Franklin Carmichael – Houses in Servern Bridge

 A.J Casson – Mountain Ash (Rowanberries) 

 J.E.H MacDonald – Laurentian County, Winter

 Lawren S Harris - Houses, Richmond Street

 A.Y Jackson – Red Barn, Petite Riviere

 Lawren S Harris – Street Scene with Figures, Hamilton & In The Ward, Toronto

 Emily Carr - Gitwangak, Queen Charlotte Islands

 Cornelius Krieghoff - The Narrows on Lake St Charles

 Cornelius Krieghoff  - Sillery Cove, Quebec

 Cornelius Krieghoff – Clearing Land near the St Maurice River

 Cornelius Krieghoff – Council, Lorette Indians, Lake St.Charles Country

 Cornelius Krieghoff – Ginger, the Colonel’s Dog

 Cornelius Krieghoff – The Owlshead from Round Lake, Lake Memphremagog

 Kenneth Campbell Lochead – Dark Green Centre

 Alex Colville – Elm Tree at Horton Landing

 Jack Chambers – Meadow

 Stewart Westmacott – The Falls of Niagara Taken from the American Side

 Guido Molinari – Green-Red Serial Mutation

 Helen McNicoll – Interior

 Mary Hiester Reid – A Study in Greys

F McGillivray Knowles – A Breezy Day

As you can see, I was rather fond of Cornelius Krieghoff.  He was a member of the "Group of Seven".  

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